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Customized Colorado Outdoor Adventures with Flexibility!

This is what you’ve been waiting for . . . a company that can do for you exactly what you want to do. Would your group like to design a personalized, customized trip? Well now you can! Almost anything you can imagine, we can do. Go rock climbing, whitewater rafting, mountaineering, backpacking, stay in a bed and breakfast, or soak in natural hot springs.

And maybe you’d like to plan a competition with your friends (think immunity challenge) -- you name it! We’ll develop a trip to meet your needs and desires exactly as you wish. Where do you start? First tell us the size of your group, when you want to go, and what you want to do. Then contact us and we’ll do the rest! It’s that simple. Only your imagination can limit what you can do.

We provide meals, transportation (including personalized shuttle to and from the Denver airport), and all the equipment you will need.

CWI is an outdoor educational program that presents a new look at what life and nature have to offer. CWI will stimulate your mind, challenge your body, and stir your spirit. CWI provides its participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue further activities in the outdoors. We focus on four specific areas: backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and whitewater rafting. Our trips are customized to fit your group’s exact needs and desires. Back to Top

Our guides (including the owner) are expert outdoorsmen who work year round in the industry. In addition to professional ski patrol, they have years of experience in leading whitewater rafting trips and overland mountaineering expeditions. They are outdoor enthusiasts who pursue outdoor adventure as a way of life, and their skills are at the top of the field. Every guide is a part owner and trained specifically by the Colorado Wilderness Institute, and many also have previous experience with other similar programs. Each and every trip has an experienced leader who is personally committed to every individual’s success, safety, and enjoyment. Our leaders have guided all over the western United States including California, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, and Alaska. Additionally, all trip leaders are EMTs with CPR certification, hold college degrees in outdoor recreation, and have a minimum of five years experience as a professional guide. Back to Top

Our first priority is the safety of our students. We use only the BEST climbing equipment, the BEST rafts, and the BEST guides. The experience and training of our guides makes them the safest instructors in the business. Every trip has a certified EMT and a mountain-rescue trained guide who works in the industry year-round. All guides are equipped with the BEST first aid equipment, and a cell phone. Students can be reached anyday throughout the trip in the event of an emergency. You can feel truly comfortable knowing that you will be under the safest instruction possible throughout the course. Back to Top

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to ignore the opportunities available in your own backyard. Whether you close-by or thousands of miles away, with CWI the COLORADO ROCKIES are right at your fingertips. Maybe you’re not aware of the opportunities that exist, don’t know how to access them, or simply lack the skills to enjoy them. CWI will help! This part of the country offers breathtaking high peaks, scores of mountain streams and raging rivers, pristine high-country terrain and scenery, and uncountable rock faces perfect for climbing. We can show you a variety of activities and give you the skills to enjoy them. Whether you live in Grand Junction, Summit County, Gunnison, or Denver -- if you’re in Colorado, we can come to you. And if you live outside the state, whether in Minnesota or Florida, from New York to California -- just get to Denver International Airport, and we’ll come get you! Our flexibility ensures your satisfaction. Back to Top

The difference between CWI and other similar companies is size. What does this mean to you? Quality! Flexibility! Personal Attention! Satisfaction! Being a small company lets us make available to you the best most experienced and the best qualified guides for every trip. Unlike bigger companies with scores of courses and hundreds of guides (which can make trips more difficult to control and personalize), our small size allows us to focus on each trip individually and provide you with the best experience possible. All our courses are led by owners who will give you great attention to personal detail. You can be assured you will have the best trip possible. Additionally, because of our low overhead and advertising costs, we are able to keep costs down, all the while offering the absolute finest adventures possible. Back to Top